Thursday, September 25, 2008


I know you wanna see what is going on in Sunny Florida. So here is what is new! I started school and I am loving it. This is me in my front room on the morning of the First day. Don't I look just so smart?
Oh Yeah and if you didn't know I am a brunette now.I am still involoved in WeightWatchers. I am down a total of 11.4lbs. YAY!!

I also just started A N EW project!!! a RAG QUILT!!! so that is the newest thing in my lifeThis will be my first patchwork quilt. I am feeling all domestic and that Jazz.

There is a girl in one of my classes that I have become really good friend with her name is Hollie. Hollie has a daughter named Sophie.

I am enjoying playing with a 4 yr old. It helps me remember how to stay young.
I am still enjoying the heat and the sun. As you can see though I am not getting very much color you would think that I grew up some where like UTAH!!! ha ha

Ok there is bits and pieces about nothing ~L8R~